How Maplejack came about.

Were you born in the UK and then moved to Canada. Do you sometimes wish you had that certain something that the British way of life gives you, but at the same time you crave the greatness of this country that allows you to do SO much. What a feeling to love 2 countries.

I was born British and emigrated to Canada
when I was 11. It seems born a Brit always a Brit.
I love soccer – Man U fan all the way.
Have a passion for darts.
Respect the Royal Family & traditions.
Luv Marmite and Scotch Eggs.
I embraced this country (Canada) from the
moment I arrived.
Played Hockey for many years.
Watch and enjoy Baseball, Football, Hockey and Curling. Will always support our National teams.
Love Burgers, Hot Dogs and Fries
mapleIt never felt right wearing or displaying just a Union Jack or Canadian flag so I solved the problem. Embracing who I am... the Maplejack was born.
Now I can wear the flag of both countries that mean so much to me.


A natural progression from the Maplejack was to make a flag for Scottish Canadians so the Maplescot was born.